Ethics and Sustainability - Our Approach

As online fashion is booming, our ecological system tends to take the toll.

We believe that with a little thought and care the fashion industry can lead the way in educating consumers about the impacts producing and purchasing new clothing has on our little planet.

With fast fashion increasing year by year, the fashion industry is now the second biggest cause of pollution, the only industry causing more pollution than fashion, the oil industry.  

LNL / LABELA is dedicated to providing new baby and children's fashion to you, slowly... 

Our fabrics are sourced from organic materials and colored with natural dyes. If we desire a stretch fabric we source from only organic yarns and recycled polyester.

From scrumptious fabrics we create your little garments, designed and perfected in Brisbane, Australia then handmade in China by our small team.

We visit and have a great relationship with our manufacturing team, ensuring ethical standards are on par with the Australian workforce.

We pride ourselves on being produced alongside some of Australia's leading ethical children's labels. 

Our quality is second to none, giving you the ability to hand down time and time again without waste.

You can also find our fabric off cuts used to wrap your little packages, we do our best not to waste fabric and continuously recycle our fabric goodness.

Beautiful packaging can at times become wasteful, we have ensured every bit of packaging that reaches your hands is made from recycled materials and, can be continuously recycled or better yet, home compostable! 

We have paired with to bring your package to you a better way. If you would like more information on how to start your home compost, head over to their website to find out more.

Overall, maintaining greater ecological integrity is a huge part of our little label and we will continue to educate our consumers about the impacts clothing has on our little planet.

If you would like to find out more here are two incredible must watch documentaries that can be found on Netflix - 

The True Cost  


We hope that together we can start to create a better planet for our little loves.